Yes, please
– Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
– Most People
– Minimalism
– The Old Kanye
– Classic Country
– This old House 
No, thank you
– Adult Fantasy (cringe)
– Fascists
– Clutter
– The New Kanye
– Modern Country
– How Bats Look

Content Creator, 10th Level Cleric


I’m a sneaker-wearing, spell-casting, recovering farm boy from Oregon. Never saw myself in marketing, but after picking berries, slinging dumplings, and building houses, I thought I’d switch things up. Imagine, me at my desk, Lord of The Rings socks crammed into Jordan 1’s, churning out some of the finest written content the west coast has ever seen, with 3 fluffy interns making sure it’s all up to snuff.

West Coast based freelance writer with a wide range of content experience, spanning over 3 years. A quick learner, an eager contributor and real-life content wizard. I’m looking to expand my writing skills into all areas of the business and creative world.